Monday, October 10, 2011


password: designers3dbolivia


Soniczero said...

Por el momento este archivo no estara disponible hasta solucionar algunos problemas en uploading se agradece su comprension

At the moment this file will not be available to solve some problems in uploading your understanding is appreciated

Sereal said...

Now it is working if you have any problem place comment.

Sorry for the delay
Ahora todo funciona. Si tienes algun problema con la descarga por favor avisanos.

Siento la demora

romas said...

how high is this model is printed in A4 paper ?

romas said...

How high is this model if printed in A4 ?

Anonymous said...


Great work! Can't download the model. Can you provide a link to a simpler file hosting like dropbox? When I try to download it asks me to download some kind of "exe" file which I don't want. Please let me know if you can help.

Unknown said...